Reception venue melbourne

How to Make Your Wedding Reception Absolutely Epic!

The journey to “I do” is filled with countless memories, but it’s the reception after you’ve sealed the deal that leaves everyone reminiscing for years! Ready to throw the most unforgettable soirée Melbourne has ever seen? Let’s roll out the red carpet, and dive into making your wedding reception the talk of the town!

Reception venue melbourne

The Entrance:

You’ve always known how to make an entrance, right? Well if not, now’s your time to shine! This is the Oscars of your life. Be sure to brief your bridal party about how fun and creative you want them to get with their grand arrival, and of course plenty of notice to practice! And for the couple, whether you’re shimmying down the stairs into the ballroom or busting out a choreographed dance your entrance sets the tone for the night, so bring the right amount of energy! It’s the first chapter of this epic story of love and romance, and it should encapsulate the vibe you’re aiming for, setting the tone for your guests for the rest of the night.

Delightful Surprises:

Surprise, delight, repeat. Elevate your wedding package with delightful touches. Imagine your guests walking in to be greeted by a Prosecco Bar, mouth-watering oysters, antipasto platters or even a colourful cocktail. Throughout the night, continue the surprises and wow your guests with either Champagne or Espresso Martini Towers, roaming seafood canapes, a gelato cart or even Whisky Tasting Bar for those with a love for the finer spirits. Aside from the food and beverages, if you want something that’ll have everyone talking, amaze them with unexpected entertainment such as dancers, the musical talent from a violinist or a saxophone player, or guest performer. There are endless options in our upgrade packages that are designed to impress and enchant.

Venue Set-up and Decor:

First impressions matter! When your guests walk into San Remo Ballroom, you want them to be floored. Think: floral archways, epic dancefloors splashed with both of your initials, magical ceiling installations and chandeliers, jaw-dropping backdrops, plush velvet couches… the list goes on! 

Styling is everything. Don’t be afraid to go bold – with colours, elegant golden dinnerware, beautifully designed signs and stunning fresh florals. Personalise even the smallest details, such wine bottle labels, or table number signs featuring adorable snaps of you both from different ages. The ambiance at your wedding venue should resonate with love, fun, and a sprinkle of magic.

As the night continues, you’ll feel as if you’re living the main character of a disney movie, with extraordinary pyrotechnic displays, dreamy lights, smokey dancefloors and of course, fireworks, as the two of you share your special first dance together. 

For Fun:

Let’s amp up the entertainment! Here, it’s all about having fun capturing the night’s memorable moments! Everyone loves a classic photo booth with amusing props, or you can even go the extra mile with a 360 photo and video booth, recording all your guests’ best angles! The POV App is also a new fan favourite to see the night from your guest’s eyes, promising lots of laughs for everyone the next morning. And of course, you can never go wrong with sitting a disposable camera on each table.

Getting creative with little touches, like comical ‘find your seat’ photo cards for each guest, telephone audio guests books and colouring stations for kids, can transform your friend’s and family’s experience. 

And of course everyone’s favourite: Cocktail Hour! Set up games during this time, such as giant jenga, or even get your MC to host a Couple’s Trivia Quiz! 

The Music:

The right tunes can transform your wedding reception from lovely to legendary. Pick your vibe for the beginning of the night… Do you want an acoustic guitarist for a chilled and relax mood, or prefer a band with a more upbeat atmosphere? Once the Dj takes the decks, ensure he’s in tune with your musical ambience, so that every beat resonates with your love journey. 

Take song requests with your RSVPs so your loved ones have no excuse not to sing and dance the night away with you! Tap into cultural wedding dance traditions, play the limbo, dance to the nutbush (really, what’s a wedding without it?), and of course get up on top of your besties shoulders! With one of Melbourne’s most spacious dance floors at SRB, there’s ample room for you all to bust out those big moves!


The art of speech-giving is all in the timing. While heartfelt words are always cherished, a novel idea is to intersperse them between meals and dances. Remind your family how much you love them, but perhaps will not forgive them if they go on too long and bore all your guests with a speech that drags on and on. Short, sweet, and sprinkled with humor will keep your guests wide hooked! 

Menu Tasting:

Leading up to the big day, we recommend a taste testing at your venue before carefully curating your menu. It’s the perfect opportunity to try a few options, get a feel for the service, the food and how it all comes together. The food at any event is such a crucial part of the night because people will rave about a good catering experience for years to come.

Other Useful Tips:

Harmony is everything. Align with vendors that vibe with your personalities and vision, and who have a history of collaborating together seamlessly – You’d be surprised how much smoother the night runs with vendors who know how each other work, and more so the fun you all have together!

The Exit:

End on a high! From sparklers to fireworks, your exit should be as memorable as your entrance. 

When all’s said and done, the real magical ingredients to an epic wedding reception are to simply just let go, relax, take in every precious moment and of course, have fun! After all, it’s a celebration of love! So here’s to making memories, sharing laughs, and dancing the night away in style 🥂

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