Ignite the Night: A Sparkling Tale of Fireworks and Dreams with Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays

Have you ever attended an event that left you speechless, with a sky ablaze and hearts alight? That’s the kind of unforgettable spectacle that Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays crafts at every occasion. Couples: Imagine saying “I do” as a shimmering canopy of lights crowns your first kiss. Corporates: picture your next big launch, introducing a new product with a bang, quite literally!

At San Remo Ballroom, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with Airwize, witnessing first-hand the awe they weave into every moment inside our Melbourne wedding and events venue. With their mastery of indoor fireworks, special effects like low fog and smoke haze across the dancefloor, and those heart-stopping exploding balloons and confetti cannons, they’ve become our guest’s favourite for that extra dash of dazzle.

In this feature, we dive into the explosive world of Jack and his team, who bring a burst of magic to Melbourne’s events scene, from grand wedding fireworks to electrifying corporate showcases.

In a candid chat, Jack reminisces about Airwize’s humble beginnings, their leap into theatre and live concerts, and how weddings have become a substantial, joyous part of their portfolio.


SRB preferred supplier interview: Conversations with Jack

SRB: Describe your journey? How did you get started, what sparked your interest in the wedding/events industry, and what keeps that passion burning?

JAirwize Pyrotechnics started back in 1998 doing outdoor displays for school events and local council shows, then we were approached by a few theatre companies to do indoor pyrotechnics on the stage, The Australian ballet, clock and local school concerts. This then escalated into rock concerts, live bands and into weddings.
Weddings became a large part of our business, which we love as we have had lots of fun with all the great brides and grooms, the live bands and DJ’s we have met over the years. It’s always very pleasurable when the pyro effects are set off, hearing clapping and cheers from the guests – it’s always fantastic to make a wedding more spectacular for all.

SRB: Unforgettable Moments: Can you recall a particular time at a work event that you still smile or laugh about?

J: What brings a smile to our faces and makes us laugh are some of the speeches we hear on the night at the events- there’s not one in particular that stands out, as so many of them are quite funny, and it’s a relaxing part of the night for us we get to laugh and enjoy.

SRB: Collaboration Highlights: What aspects of working with the San Remo Ballroom team make each event feel unique and special?

J: San Remo has always been one of our favourite places to work, from the easy access, to the friendly staff who are always there to help out. They have great organisation skills and relationships with the brides and grooms, making sure everything runs smoothly and goes to plan.

SRB: Golden Nuggets: If a couple could only remember one piece of advice about wedding planning or how to get the most out of their special day, what would you want that to be?

J: Airwize would recommend if you are having Pyrotechnics and Fog, don’t have the first dance

Late in the night, have it early so you can enjoy the rest of the night.

SRB: Trends & Transformations: In your eyes, what’s been the most significant trend or change in the event industry throughout your career?

J: There have been many changes in the industry, the main one we’ve noticed is the change in size of wedding expos. Years ago we would attend large expos, which used to have over 4,000 people turn up, whereas now they tend to be smaller and more intimate, which brides prefer as they can take their time and not be hurried along to the next exhibitor.

Wedding sizes have also reduced as the years have gone on; this I also think will stay like this for many years to come.
For those who still opt for the larger size weddings and wish to go ‘all out’, indoor fireworks displays are fast becoming one of the most popular additions to a couple’s big day. Whether it is a quick, colourful display as the two newlyweds make their way down the aisle, a fun, humorous way to top off speeches, or the romantic first dance at the reception, indoor pyrotechnic displays have really taken off as an awesome addition to Melbourne weddings.

SRB: Signature Moves: Tell us about a signature touch or idea you’ve introduced at an event that you’re particularly proud of and wowed the crowd!

J: The introduction of Silver to Gold fountains was a new display, which looks spectacular as the bride and groom have their first dance. We also modified low fog machines for when couples are dancing in the cloud of fog, which gave a better effect than using dry ice. It was safer to use for everyone, and the effect also lasted a lot longer for the duration of the entire dance.

SRB: Dream Big: If you had no limits (budget, resources, or otherwise), what’s a dream event concept you’d love to bring to life?

J: Outdoor fireworks are specular and always amaze everyone. It would be a nice dream to be able to close the streets in Carlton down, and bring all the guests outside on a warm barmy night to cut their wedding cake, and do a spectacular show for them whilst they enjoy dancing in the streets to a live band.

Wrapping up:

Airwize isn’t just about the spectacle; they’re about creating memories that spark joy long after the last light fades. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate display of pyrotechnics, or a simple vibrancy for an indoor space, they’re here to bring dream celebrations to life for Melbourne couples, corporates and social groups.

At San Remo Ballroom, we’re all about crafting those epic, memorable moments, and with Airwize, the sky’s not the limit—it’s just the beginning.

If you’re searching for that ‘wow factor’ to elevate your wedding, social or corporate event, that will have your guests talking about for years on, you can get in touch with the Airwize team via their website, and follow them on socials for inspiration and lots of entertainment in the events space.