5 Places You NEED To Visit On Your European Honeymoon

In our last blog, we were all about why we love Autumn weddings. And yet, we left out one major reason! The European honeymoon. By having your wedding in Australia during Autumn or Winter, it means it will be Spring or even Summer for your honeymoon in Europe! Read on for our favourite spots to check out while you’re in the land of love.

According to legend this was a little town created by Neptune, the God of the sea, out of love for a nymph. Situated along the Amalfi Coast, expect picture perfect views around every corner, gastronomy, wine, pasta and an exceptional quality of life.

You won’t believe your eyes with this beauty. Visit Hvar and be enveloped by historical heritage, stunning beaches, sun, turquoise waters and a lifestyle where celebrities like Kween Beyoncé come and play. Literally a paradise on earth.

Arguably the best destination for a honeymoon in Europe. White buildings, picture perfect sunsets, copious quantities of wine and tantalising dishes. PS. If you’re reading this and not yet engaged, it’s also a great place to ask for someone’s hand in marriage…

For the serious romantics out there, this one is for you.  One of the most beautiful European cities with its sumptuous hotels, exquisite cuisines and passionate accents. Imagine having a picnic under the Eiffel Tower or walking down the tree-lined Champs-Élysées, the most famous street in Paris, to the Arc de Triomphe. A must-visit destination for any European honeymoon.

No matter which destination tickles your fancy the most, you’re in for an unforgettable honeymoon regardless. Get ready to sightsee, tantalise your tastebuds, sip on incredible wines, and simply relax. We’ve only touched the surface of places to visit. It’s a trip you’ll want to repeat every. single. year. And if you need a travel buddy, we’re in.


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Why You Should Get Married in Autumn

Bouquet on wooden table

Wow has this year flown. How is it March already? Good news is that with it has come one of our favourite times of year – Autumn. With the picture perfect golden light that Autumn brings, this season is fast becoming one of the most popular in which to celebrate.
Are you getting married in this glorious season? Congratulations! Today we’re going to take you on a little journey of why we love Autumn so much for your special day.

Autumn goes hand in hand with warmer colours, touches of gold and moody maroons. These colours speak of romance, of family and of love. The perfect happily ever after colour palette for your special day.

When we think of Autumn in Melbourne we think of gentle breezes and crisper temperatures. Embrace this with the styling of your special day by incorporating the feeling of being cosy. Think Coachella festival, a big tent in the middle of a field backed by stunning views. Or for an event that caters to all Melbourne weather possibilities, how about a central ceiling draping in your function space *cough San Remo Ballroom*.

Wedding dresses with sleeves. Need we say more. They look stunning, while keeping the slight chill away. We LOVE a romantic backless wedding dress with sleeves down to the wrist. Or lace sleeves with a detailed back and a long train – this always leaves a lasting impression! Can we keep them all year round?!

With slightly cooler temperatures, comes longer lasting flowers! No drooping florals – think oversized bouquets, large floral arches and even a hanging installation. Autumn is all about textures, so even think about incorporating crisp Autumn foliage to emphasise that cosy atmosphere for your wedding day.

From a luxe colour palette to elegant draping or copious amounts of florals, there are so many stylish ways to embrace an Autumn wedding theme. And we love them all! Let Pinterest become your best friend – you’ll be happily overwhelmed with so many beautiful elements of this perfect season.

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