NOW UNTIL FOREVER AFTER: Chelsea & Jason's Unforgettable Ballroom Wedding

In the heart of Melbourne, at San Remo Ballroom in Carlton, Chelsea and Jason’s wedding on May 6th 2023 was nothing short of a fairytale. This couple’s journey, from their first date at the movies in 2012, to saying “I do” in an elegant ballroom filled with friends, family, and bursting with love, is a tale that resonates with every romantic heart. Since their big day, the newlyweds continued their celebrations on an adventure-filled European honeymoon, exploring the enchanting landscapes of Greece, Italy, and Croatia.

Their traditional Macedonian wedding was a grand celebration, with over 250 guests sharing their joy. Chelsea, preparing for her big moment with her adorable Australian Shepherd, Boston, and surrounded by her four bridesmaids, was a vision of bridal bliss. Jason, with his four groomsmen, shared in the anticipation of the day. The couple’s grand entrance, accompanied by drummers, set the tone for a night of endless dancing and fun. 

The Bride and Groom have been ever so kind enough to share insights into their love story, the magic of their wedding day, and their dreams for the future. They reminisce about their first impressions, their heartfelt proposal during a walk with Boston, and the joy and challenges of wedding planning. Choosing San Remo Ballroom for their Wedding Venue was a decision driven by their desire for a grand dance floor and an elegant, spacious venue to accommodate their extensive guest list.


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SRB Couple Interview: Conversations with Chelsea & Jason

SRB: How, when and where did you meet? Was it love at first sight? What were your first impressions of each other?

C & J: We met in 2012, through mutual friends, I would like to think it was love at first sight. We got along straight away! Our first date was at the movies, but we got along so well we ended up talking through the whole movie!
First impressions: Friendly, kind very funny.

SRB: How did you each know you had found ‘The One’? When and how did you realise this was your forever love?

C & J: I think a huge factor was how well we got along with all each other’s friends. We just fitted into each other’s lives so well! We did just about everything together, enjoyed hanging out and always had so much fun.. We even spent our honeymoon in Europe with all our friends! I feel that was something really special!
We also clicked right from the start: Sharing the same goals and always having the best fun together! I think we realised we would be together forever when all our goals aligned and we shared the same thoughts! We also have always told each other everything and had solid communication with each other, which is so important.

SRB: Tell us your proposal story! How, when, where did it happen, how were you each feeling before, during and after? Was it expected or a total surprise?

C & J: It was during covid, and we were out on our daily walk with our dog Boston. Jason was acting weird however I had NO IDEA and wasn’t suspecting anything.  Then we got towards the end of the walk and he said ‘take a photo of Boston’ (which I love doing, however Jason always hates when I stop to take photos! So I was excited because for once he wanted me to take a photo), then I turned around and he had the box in his hand.
I was in complete shock! There were lots of tears and hugs, it was the absolute best moment! I hadn’t felt that much happiness before, it was such an overwhelming feeling. We then celebrated our engagement with some close family and friends, who were all there waiting for us when we got back, which was even more emotional, because that was also such a beautiful surprise!

SRB: What was something surprising you found during your wedding planning journey? Was organising your big day easy breezy or more difficult than you thought it would be?

C & J: How hard it is to do seating charts, With over 250 guests it was more complex than I thought. The whole planning process did get a bit overwhelming at times, as I came to realise how much there actually was to consider and do, especially all of the little things most people just don’t think about. However it all worked out perfectly, and the day was everything I could have imagined!

SRB: What were your ‘must haves’ when searching for your Melbourne wedding venue?

C & J: Big, open, and HUGE dance floor of course! Dancing was a huge consideration and very important to us for the day as we just wanted everyone to have the best time!

SRB: What were some of your favourite features of San Remo Ballroom? How did you know SRB was the venue for you?

C & J: Not only was the dance floor nice and big just like we wanted, the entire venue was the perfect size for all of our guests so that it wouldn’t feel too cramped. The ballroom had such an elegant, classy style and the atmosphere just felt right as soon as we walked in. Every time we had our meetings everyone at San Remo was so helpful and informative and made the process so easy!

SRB: What were some of your favourite moments and memories from your wedding day?

C & J: Our ceremony was really special, as it was a traditional Macedonian wedding, which was nice to experience with all our family! 

And of course, most of the wedding reception spent on the dance floor with our beloved friends and family was so, so special and the best fun!

SRB: Looking back on your wedding planning, would you do anything differently? Any tips for future couples and 2024 brides?

C & J: We wouldn’t do anything differently, the day was perfect for us!
The only thing was maybe a few more photos with other family members, as I thought I had more time to be able to fit this in. So, our tip would be to make sure you take each and every moment in, and enjoy the entire process, even the wedding planning, because it really does go so quickly!

SRB: Did San Remo Ballroom live up to your expectations? Any special mentions to specific staff, or moments that stand out?

C & J: Yes, most definitely! Honestly, 6 months since the day and all of our guests still talk about how amazing their experience was at SRB Wedding Venue! Everyone said the food was incredible and the service was amazing! 

The biggest stand out to us was when our photoshoot finished way earlier than expected and we arrived early to the venue. The staff were honestly the best – they looked after us and our bridal party so well, ensuring we had food and drinks and were comfortable. I could not thank them enough for them being so prompt and accommodating, it seriously made our day!   

SRB: Now you’re married, what does the future look like for you now? Where would you like to be in 5 -10 years?

C & J: We both would really love to have 2 children, and hopefully have bought a bigger home in the near future. Our dream is to continue travelling around like we do now, enjoying time together with our little family.

Wrapping up:

As Chelsea & Jason embark on this new chapter, we at San Remo Ballroom extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for a future as dazzling as their wedding day.


Photographer/videographer: Duüet Weddings

Florals, Centerpieces and Styling: My Three Stems 

Bouquets: Bouquet Melbourne 

Entertainment/ Pyrotechnics: Prime entertainment 

Make up: Makeup by Stephanie Jane

Hair: Kim – Too Good Hairstyling 

Wedding Cake: Vicki

Seating chart/welcome sign: Mhala


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