5 top tips for the best Christmas party, end of year event or New Years Eve celebration

For those awarded the job of organising the epic office end of year celebration, today’s blog is all for you. Read on for our tips and tricks on how you can guarantee your position at the top of Santa’s nice list, aka ensuring that everyone loves your partae*

*read: the best party ever


Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start! *cue Julie Andrews, Sound Of Music*. Form a committee. At the end of the day, the end of year celebration is for the majority, and what better way to put on a show that everyone will love than by having “the majority” plan it!


As much as in-office parties have a tendency to make everyone feel “at home,” we vote no. Book a venue off site and let the team relax and switch off from the daily grind. Have you heard of San Remo Ballroom? Check out how great our space is for Christmas Parties here!


Start your event communication nice and early by sending out a save-the-date email first and foremost. Once the date and venue are locked in, this is your moment. Then, once you have details regarding timings, theme (if applicable) and further logistics, send out an actual invitation.


Three words my friends: Simple. And. Elegant. You don’t need to go too overboard to have a great end of year party. As long as you provide a nice location and a drink or five, your employees will have a ball! Let the venue take care of the rest.


This is likely what every will remember. When in doubt go for crowd pleasing items, and your venue will likely be able to point you in the right direction of what these might be. Sit down or a cocktail menu, pair with ice cold beverages and serve.


What are you going to do for your end of year celebration? Tell us in the comments below!



Your wedding dress is going to be one of the most important pieces of clothing that you will EVER wear! It will also play an integral part as to the tone and style of your wedding day, so you want to make sure you get it absolutely perfect.

There are many different things to consider when shopping for your wedding dress. Silhouette, neckline, fabric, colour and detail are just some of things you’ll need to consider. Different silhouettes suit certain body shapes more than other – it’s a matter of trying each style on to find what you love, or more importantly, what you dislike. For example, princess style dresses are flattering on most body shapes, while the mermaid gown fits better on tall brides. You can read more about the different styles here.


Just like everything else when you are organising your wedding, you need to learn to think outside the box. Don’t feel as if you are obliged to have the white ball gown is that is not you and doesn’t suit your personality. And definitely don’t feel as if you have to spend thousands of dollars on a designer dress is that doesn’t fit within your budget. Every bride is different and every wedding dress needs to reflect your individual style.


There are loads of places where you can buy pre-owned and pre-worn dresses. Because at the end of the day, you’re going to wear it once in your life. You can still take it to be altered to fit your body shape so no one will know the difference. 100 Layer Cake has a great marketplace for pre-loved dresses.


If I could get married all over again I don’t think I’d choose to have a white gown. I think I’d go for something like a blush or latte colour. If a long dress isn’t your style, what’s stopping you from going short? The most important part is finding a dress that suits you, even if it’s neon yellow.


That is entirely up to you! Wedding trends will come and go. Just because Rebecca Judd wore J’Aton, doesn’t mean you have to, but if you want to, and it suits you, go for it. Make your wedding dress reflect the woman that you are, that’s the main point.

The biggest tip I could give is: when you look back on your dress in 10 years, will you smile or cringe? Style your wedding so it doesn’t reflect the time – EG: neon coloured nail polish from the 80’s would be a dead giveaway.

All that really matters is that your wedding is a reflection of where you are in your life at that time. Don’t feel boxed in by tradition or trends, just make sure you’re in LOVE with your dress.

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