In the heart of Melbourne’s wedding scene, where there’s a story behind every photograph, a narrative in every frame, stands ATEIA Photography & Video. With a love for natural light for creating timeless and elegant shots, and a talent for capturing candid moments, ATEIA has been a pivotal part of our wedding celebrations here at San Remo Ballroom, turning each event into a timeless tableau.

As the city’s most trusted wedding photography and videography studio, ATEIA’s portfolio showcases over 600 5-star reviews and a 13-year legacy of capturing matrimonial bliss. From the first look to the last dance, they’ve captured over 3,000 weddings nationwide and find themselves booked out well in advance. Their secret? Their pursuit of excellence and a profound understanding that it’s not just about the photos; it’s about deeply connecting with each couple throughout their journey, making for an unforgettable and cherished experience.


The ATEIA wedding experience is second to none, marked by rapid response times, tailor-made packages to suit all styles and budgets, and a team that will even help you with your tie and assist with your bridal gown, ensuring a smooth and relaxed journey for each couple’s big day. Their crew of Melbourne’s best wedding photographers and videographers are known for being in the right place at the right moment, making them a preferred supplier at Melbourne’s finest wedding venues. 

This is the story of a visionary team led by Remy, a maestro behind the lens and a true family man. In conversation with Remy, we uncover the essence of ATEIA’s philosophy: Photography is 5% about the pictures and 95% about the experience. It’s the connections and the joyous interactions that make wedding photography truly rewarding. 

Q: Describe Your Journey: How did you get started in photography & videography, then into the wedding industry, and what do you love most about your craft?

R. As always, I have my wife to thank for getting me into photography. She purchased a Nikon D60 for my birthday 15 years ago, and I never looked back. I love wedding photography specifically not because of the photography element, but more the connection and relationships you build with couples and their family and friends. I have always believed that wedding photography is 5% photos and 95% the experience – If we can provide a great experience to our couples, they will forever be thankful.

Q: Behind-the-Scenes Fun: Share a memorable anecdote or a funny moment that happened while working on an event

R: It’s hard to go past a wedding we captured a few years ago. Our lovely Bride, as most do, was too nervous to eat during the morning preparations so when her lovely brother brought snacks during the location shoot after the ceremony, she was offered a choc-filled Krispy Kreme donut. She took one bite, and the filling dropped over her gown – Needless to say, the location shoot ended pretty quickly but with some quick thinking we ended up in the bridal suite of the reception with Napi-San and managed to get most of the stain out.

Q: SRB Love: What sets San Remo Ballroom apart from other venues, and why do you love collaborating with us on events?

R: Grand elegance, location and staff! There are very few venues around Melbourne perfectly located minutes from amazing locations for wedding photography and the venue itself provides the perfect backdrop for grand wedding photography inside their reception. The chandelier in the ballroom must be the biggest in Melbourne without doubt. Even without these two big bonuses, the staff alone make capturing weddings at San Remo a treat every time!

Q: On Location: Of all the weddings you’ve been part of, which one stands out and why? 

R: It’s hard to go past our destination weddings. We recently captured an intimate wedding in Bali which was beautiful. Everything was perfect!

Q: Reflecting over the years: did you ever imagine your business to be as successful as it is today?

R: When I started ATEIA Photography & Video 15 years ago, I never expected us to be where we are today! We now capture 500+ couples every year nationwide and have over 600+ online 5-star reviews. My photography and videography teams are amazing, literally, they are amazing at what they do – I would go as far as saying they are not just team members anymore, but are now family to me. I am proud of what we have achieved together, and particularly proud of how we survived COVID lockdowns and the backlog of weddings post lockdown supporting each other.

Wrapping up:

The ATEIA team are so much more than just snapping photos, they go above and beyond so that every couple feels special, every step of the way. Each event stands out for its perfection and personal touch, which is why our staff here at San Remo Ballroom feel incredibly privileged to work alongside such professionals in the industry. Here’s to the memories we’ve created and the ones yet to come, each framed with love, light, and a little bit of ATEIA magic. 

If you’re looking for a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience, or would simply love to get lost in ATEIA’s gallery of romantic artwork, you can find them via their website and socials below: