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We all dream of that perfect event, one where every detail is just right, the atmosphere buzzes with excitement, and memories are created that last a lifetime. 

Event styling, especially in the grand world of weddings, often becomes a daunting task. For bridal couples already navigating the whirlwind of wedding preparations, the added pressure of bringing their vision to life can be overwhelming. Imagine a world where the worries of event styling disappear… 

When a spectacular venue and incredibly talented events stylist biz come together, this isn’t just a dream—it becomes a reality.

While SRB offers the perfect backdrop, the real magic happens when dreams meet execution. 

And who better to make those dreams come true than Melbourne event styling wizards Abra Events?


Meet Linda, The Creative Mind at Abra Events

At the heart of Abra Events is Linda, the Creative Director, and her formidable team. Abra Events started as a humble family venture and has transformed into a thriving name in Melbourne’s event space. With a diversified team ranging from pyrotechnicians, floral designers to stylists, and lighting technicians, Abra Events embodies passion and dedication. Their enthusiasm lies in understanding the unique needs of every client and crafting events that resonate with the client’s vision. With their expertise, every event truly turns into something magical.

Linda and her team have seen brides-to-be overwhelmed with the massive decisions styling an event entails, but with their decades of experience, they simplify this process, turning every hurdle into an enjoyable experience for their clients. From crafting the ideal ambience to sprinkling unique touches that leave guests in awe, they have a magic touch that’s hard to overlook.

SRB supplier interview: Conversations with Linda

Q: Describe Your Journey. How did it all start?

Linda: Our journey is a long one! The business started from humble beginnings in 1989. Decades of putting back into our business along with a great work ethic, customer focus and attention to detail has allowed us to grow our business and be a major player in the Melbourne events industry. The support from venues and our clients allows us to continue to do what we love!

Q: Behind-the-Scenes Fun: Share a memorable or funny moment that happened while working on an event

Linda: So many memories! Our most recent funny memory was when we were working through the night on a remote location installation in a marquee, and the generator kept cutting out! So we drove all the vehicles up to the windows of the marquee and turned on our headlights so we could get the job done and keep working! 

We have also helped a bride attach her shoulder strap back onto her dress using a small clear cable tie we found in our van.

Q: SRB Love: What sets San Remo Ballroom apart from other venues, and why do you love collaborating with us on events?

Linda: We love working at San Remo Ballroom, the team are so friendly and easy to work with! The space allows for any theme to come to life, whether it’s an all-white wedding theme or a pop of colour, literally anything goes!

Q: Tips & Tricks: For couples just starting their wedding/event planning, what’s one indispensable piece of advice you can give to help with their special day?

Linda: Over the years we have seen it all, especially in the final weeks leading up to the wedding, unexpected challenges can arise during the planning process. Be flexible and adaptable in your approach and focus on the bigger picture – celebrating your love and commitment to each other.

Q: Melbourne Event Styling Industry Insight: How have you seen styling trends in the wedding and event industry evolve, and where do you see it heading in the next few years?

Linda: Looking ahead to the next few years, it’s challenging to predict precise trends, as they can be influenced by various factors, including cultural shifts, global events, and individual preferences. However, some potential directions for styling trends in the wedding and event industry might be custom orders for bespoke events and layers of styling for more of a luxury look and feel.

Q: Personal Touch: Events come alive through details. Can you share a memorable and creative personal touch you’ve previously added to an event that made it extra special for the client?

Linda: We have so many memorable moments that I honestly couldn’t pick just one! Personal touch is so important and going above and beyond is always worth it. We have had brides contact us on the wedding night! Through a quick DM on insta that reads “I love it so much, thank you!!”. Emails & phone calls from our couples after the wedding saying that it looked better than they thought it would is a regular occurrence for us which brings us so much joy.

Abra Events

Q: Fan Favorite: Of all the events you’ve been part of at San Remo Ballroom, which one stands out and why?

Linda: We are a big fan of a dramatic entry so the recent wedding we styled for Sahel & Dug with the 4 x 4 meter entrance canopy was a favourite for me.

Q: Dream Big: If you had no limits (budget, resources, or otherwise), what’s a dream event concept you’d love to bring to life?

Linda: It would absolutely have to be a dream wedding! Having worked in Melbourne weddings for 20+years I would love to change things up and work on a destination wedding or a complete venue transportation, I absolutely love seeing the before and after come life, it makes it all worthwhile.


Linda: We have recently rebranded from Abracadabra Events to Abra Events, along with the new name we are currently renovating our warehouse and office space, launching a new range of exciting products and a brand new website!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to Melbourne event styling, Abra Events shines like no other. They take your wildest dreams and make them tangible. Every event is tailored, every detail perfected. SRB and Abra Events share a bond that brings clients’ dreams to life. Their combined expertise offers an unmatched elegance, transforming venues and crafting memories. Here’s to countless more enchanting celebrations and magical evenings!

Keep up to date with Abra https://www.instagram.com/abra.events_/

Check out everything they have to offer and get in touch via their website https://abraevents.com.au/