How To Pick Your Wedding Date

Congratulations on your engagement!! Youre excited, your family is excited, as are your friends. Everyone is asking when the big day is! Now you have 365 days to pick from. How are you going to narrow that down?
re here to help.

Pick your date based on the season.

When we think of “wedding season”our minds generally jump to late spring or summer. The time of year when the weather is the clearest and flower power is in the air. However let’s be honest – we live in Melbourne when anything can happen. Melbourne winters, while cooler, are actually a touch easier to predict when it comes to rain. Could be something to consider…?

Pick your date based on the dress

Your dream dress has long sleeves and a two meter-long train. As much as you’d love a summer soiree, this beauty is realistically designed for a winter wedding. Embrace the relevant temps and rock around in your beautiful gown like the Queen you know you are.

Pick your date based on the budget

You might have grown up dreaming of a Saturday wedding, but did you know that a Friday or Sunday can actually be a touch more affordable? Or even a Wednesday! Don’t feel restricted to just the weekends – it’s time to make your own traditions.

Pick your date based on your favourite venue

At the end of the day, there are some venues out there that book out well and truly before the others. For those you might have to be a touch more flexible with your date. We suggest going on a site visit at your venue of choice and keeping your mind open to date possibilities. Alternatively get in nice and early and get that worm.

Pick your date based on its significance

Do you want to get married on the same day as your grandparents? Walk down the aisle on the day your parents did? This is your chance to pick a date based on it’s significance and what it means to you and your partner. Every year as you celebrate your anniversary you’ll get a lovely reminder of what a special day it is.

Why did you pick your wedding date? Tell us in the comments below!

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