As the title suggests, this is less of a blog and more of a brag, but when you operate the best wedding reception venue in Melbourne, we just can’t help ourselves! We are super proud of everything we offer at San Remo Ballroom and know all the individual aspects of our space culminate in a spectacular wedding reception venue.

For those that haven’t visited us lately or been a guest at a recent event, you may not have seen our stunning transformation. We are still the same classic, art deco, sophisticated and stylish venue you know and love; but we have recently undergone a complete refurbishment so everything is shiny and new. Even though we were a stunning venue prior to the renovation, we have added some gorgeous details that have elevated the space to become the absolute wedding wonderland of your dreams. To go through the entire venue’s best bits would fill a book, so to keep this particular blog short(ish), we will highlight some of our most favourite details of just the ballroom:

Yes, the entry foyer is beautiful, as is the curved marble bar… but the magic really starts when you enter the ballroom. Firstly, what hits you first is the sheer size and scale of the ballroom. Grand, elegant and able to comfortably seat 450 guests or 800 with a cocktail style event, you don’t have to minimise your guest list – every distant relative and old friend of a friend can be invited.

The ballroom has two levels for tables – one surrounding the dancefloor and one on a raised level, meaning all guests have optimal viewing of the stage, dancefloor or bridal table – which is especially handy when speeches or a photo slideshow is presented. Another bonus is San Remo Ballroom doesn’t have those pesky pillars in the middle of the room, blocking viewing and reducing table configuration options.

In the middle of the ballroom sits our circular dancefloor – the largest in Melbourne! This has become known as the most festive dancefloor in town with amazing reception entrances with big bold bands and cold spark firework fountains; beautifully romantic first dances under our breathtaking chandelier; and dancing the night away to your chosen entertainment or DJ. It is definitely the place to party, and while you are shimmying and shaking having the time of your life, be sure to look up, because suspended over the dancefloor is our jawdropping, showstopping sparkly pièce de résistance – our 6 meter wide, 5 tiered, waterfall drop grand chandelier that was created and installed by hand! Featuring over 7000 individual crystals, this chandelier needs to be seen to be believed! To create even more drama, we also installed a halo of smaller chandeliers around the perimeter of the ballroom to ensure there is a glittering glow in all corners. The light fixtures add to the romantic ambience of the venue and suit perfectly with our unique fusion of old world 1920’s charm and contemporary luxury. Once the formalities are done and the main lights are dimmed, the twinkling chandeliers make you feel like you are under a sky of stars. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Image credit @meowedding
Once you absorb the visual details, we can get to the nitty gritty of what really makes us Melbourne’s best wedding reception venue – our staff and our service! We are so lucky and proud to have a formidable, passionate and experienced team that has been delivering exceptional events and hospitality experiences for so many years. Our event executives greet you upon your first enquiry visit and expertly guide you through all the planning stages, helping you to create the most magical day of your lives. On your wedding day, you are supported by our Operations team who manage the food and beverage service, and keep the event running to your schedule. It’s a slick, professional system that ensures everything runs smoothly and feels effortless.

Behind the scenes back of house, our head Chef and his kitchen team are whipping up your chosen menu items, beautifully presenting them on plates and ensuring all dietaries and allergies are being accommodated. The quality of the food is second to none, as we only use the freshest, seasonal ingredients and we consistently receive rave reviews about the catering. For some clients, the food is the most important aspect and we understand how special it is to break bread and share a great meal with your loved ones.

Overall, it’s not just one thing that makes us the best wedding reception venue in Melbourne, it’s the complete experience. From start to finish, all of our clients are welcomed and treated like family, and our staff genuinely love weddings and helping to create dream days for our couples. It’s a honour to be chosen as your wedding reception venue, and we take our role very seriously! We will always go the extra mile to ensure your event is flawless, and however big your imagination is – we can help make it happen! Be sure to come and check out our ballroom soon – we are open for site inspections by appointment and we can start the conversation of how San Remo Ballroom is the only wedding reception venue you need to consider for your special day!

Image credit @meowedding