Where To Take Your Wedding Photos In Melbourne

We who live in Melbourne are very lucky. It’s simply beautiful, with copious photo locations hidden around each and every corner. And yet rain, hail or shine is a big part of this city. Today we are all about picture perfect backdrops for those candid moments on your special day. Yet just in case, we’ve taken into account a couple of options for when the skies open up at that fateful second #becausemelbourne. Say cheese!



Located in the heart of Melbourne, this street art filled laneway is famous among photographers and tourists alike for its vibrant colours, edgy graffiti, stencils, and art installations. For those after a touch of edge to your whimsical day, this backdrop is for you. It may be bustling with bodies, and it’s one of those not-suited-to-rain type locations, but if it’s meant to be then it’s seriously meant to be.



Well known, and for all the right reasons. The sweeping lawns, the network of picturesque tree-lined paths, the decorative benches hidden in every secret nook. Have you seen the lake? Or the succulent garden! There is a new angle for every couple, and no two shots will ever look the same. Again, not 100% Melbourne weather proof, but picture perfect just the same.



Now we get into the luxe style shots, where grand and historic architecture play your backdrop while the weather may be less than ideal outside. Constructed between 1855 and 1929 and listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, Parliament House is perfect for those looking for something timeless, classic, and truly beautiful to accompany your special day.



Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria. Picture period architecture, history, gothic charm and endless Melbourne weather proof locations. A must for any wedding photography list, though we’d recommend steering clear of this one for week day weddings as it will be teaming with students.



This could be our favourite location of them all. It may be raining outside, but that’s no reason to turn down ice cream. Settle in to a small booth and enjoy a cup or cone of Dulce de Leche. Or if it’s sunny, settle in to a small booth and enjoy a cup or cone of Dulce de Leche. You get our drift?


Where did you take your wedding photos in Melbourne? Tell us in the comments below!